Desktop Computers PC Laptops Apple's
I can help you with your Hardware and Software issues!
I can also help you zap those pesky Viruses and Malware!

I will come to you!

If you are local,
i.e. Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Little River, Cleone...
then I will not charge a trip fee.

If I need to travel to reach you,
i.e. Inglenook, Westport, Elk, Irish Beach, Point Arena...
 there will be a trip fee to cover my time and fuel.
My rates are
$75 an hr.
with an 1 hour minimum for each client.
I accept Local Checks only, Cash, or Credit and ATM Cards Onsite.

Computer Repair:

Software issues can usually be done onsite.  Hardware issues may be able to be done onsite, but if not, I can bring it back to my home where I can work on it in a safe and clean environment. I may not be able to fix every problem, but I have had pretty good success!

I can build your website, find, purchase and manage your domain name, then host it on my server, this way I can be a full service web developer and make it as easy for you as I can.  I have many web trick up my sleeve from the 25 years I have been building websites., and can have your website be very dynamic and responsive.  I can also build you mobile app of your website, and I have the ability to recognize each device that is being used to access your website, and direct it to the proper content, all while using one URL domain name. i.e.
You are welcome to checkout many of my websites by clicking the spinning world below:

Web Design

Please Visit My Personal Website
All kinds of fun stuff.

E-Waste Recycling:  I can recycle all your devices for you, Computers, Tablets and Cell Phones.  How I like to do it is, securely erase you hard drive on your computer, writing one's and zero's over it two times, while erasing it completely.  Or, I can pull the hard drive out and give it to you so you have all your data still on it and it is in your possession.  Then you can keep it, or destroy it how you see fit.  On tablets and cell phones, if the device turns on, then I reset it to erase all the data on it before recycling it.  Old Modems and Routers I send to  "E-Waste Recycling" so they don't end up in the Landfill toxifying our precious environment. Printers I also send to the "E-Waste Recycling" only after removing the ink and disposing of it properly to protect our environment.

I absolutely look forward to working with you.  Thank You.

Just a little about me and my business: I grew up in Silicon Valley since the early 60’s, and observed the crazy computer boom in the 80’s, and the even crazier internet boom in the late 90’s. Wow!!! My Father was an IBM’er and my mother was an INTEL’er so I guess it was destiny for me to get into computers. I started off as a Carpenter and eventually became a General Contractor doing Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels, but as fate would have it... I pretty much blew out my back to the point I just could not do construction anymore. So being in Silicon Valley, I moved towards computers. I built my first computer in 1998 working with Windows 95 and then started learning Website Coding at the same time. Since then, I have built or worked on hundreds of computers, I moved up to Fort Bragg in 2013 to take care of my mother which had Cancer 4 times, but unfortunately, she passed away two weeks into the Covid-19 Lockdown. After the dust settled from all of that, I landed back in the Bay Area to get my IT Support Certificate. Then I moved back here to Mendocino... to stay, and I decided to continue my Computer Repair, Website Building, and Digital Archiving here, because I really do love it here. it's absolutely a little slice of paradise! And a place I now officially call home.

Video Formats to Digital Files
Current formats that I can transfer to Digital.
Then the digital files can be edited and enhanced.
At that point, you can make DVD's or upload it to YouTube if you like.
8MM Reel to Reel Super 8 Reel to Reel VHS S-VHS-C
Mini DV Camcorder 8MM Camcorder Hi8 Camcorder Mini DVD Camcorder
Please Note, At this time, I can only do NTSC (Americas) Format for VHS, not PAL (Euorpe) .  But hopefully I will be able to in the future.
This is some content that I have transferred.  I will add more soon.
8mm Reel to Reel

Audio to Digital Files
For listening on your computer, or for making CD's or Tapes
  45 Singles 33 Albums Cassette Tapes  

35MM Slides to Digital Files
For viewing on your computer, posting on the web, or printing for pictures.
35MM Slides
To Full Resolution
Digital File

for editing on
Windows & Mac
  Click on each picture for a larger view.  
Lamination Services
I can laminate pictures and documents, form the size of business cards, up to 8 1/2" x 11"
~Also, now available~
CD and DVD Burning
CD and DVD Labeling
I am now able to print directly on to the CD and DVD
Contact Me:

Please give me a few days to respond. Thank you!